• Product:
    • Material : polyurethane elastomer

    • Overall length: 1000 mm, 1100 mm and 1400 mm

    • Bulk-dyed + protective lacquering (a choice of RAL colours)

    • Packed in individual cover

    • By direct embedding

    • On removable base

    • On a tapered metal footing after removal of the flange ring

    See fastenings and fitting instructions

  • One or more strips of retro-reflective film class 2

  • PRM version with different coloured head for visual contrast

  • High-contrast top with stainless steel look
  • Stainless steel appearance over 100 mm or 300 mm, or stainless steel appearance for the whole bollard
  • Premium finish: Akzo Nobel or similar colour chart

All our models are compliant with the ministerial order of 2 October 2012 (PRM chart).


The product parameters tested according to standards NF EN ISO 868 (hardness), NF EN ISO 527-1 (stress, tensile strength, elongation at break), ISO 34-1 (propagated and non-propagated tear strength), DIN 53512 (rebound resilience) and ISO 11925-2 (reaction to fire) are available on request.

See presentation video