Shape memory bollards : By direct bedding

Direct bedding in concrete method:

  • Dig out a trench
  • Check the nature of the soil
  • Make a foundation block
    > Medicare soil : MA type : 0,5 x 0,5 x 0,5
    > Good soil : MA type : 0,4 x 0,4 x 0,4
  • Embed the bollard as shown in the diagram

If you are drilling a hole to fit the bollard, we advise drilling a hole at least 1.5 times the diameter of the bollard.


Bollards with 1 or 2 flange rings must be sunk into the anchor block as shown in the above diagrams.

For embedding we recommend very quick-setting Weber Cel Flash mortar for fixing street furniture.

Bollard with one flange ring

Bollard with two flange rings

Bollard with reinforcing rod

On removable base


  • Removable base made of polyurethane
  • Product comprising 3 elements
    > base unit to embed with a locking device
    > 2 half-jaws inserted into the base unit
  • Locked with an 11 mm triangular key
  • Available for bollard diameters
    60, 76, 80, 90 and 100 mm
  • Fitting principle:
    • Dig out a trench
    • Place the base unit in the concrete or bedding mixture
    •  Insert the bollard into the grip jaw
    • Place the assembly in the embedded base then lock with the
      supplied 11 mm key
    • If the bollard is missing, fold over the grip jaw and lock with the key.
    • Grip hole for removing the base without the bollard compliant with the PRM standard (hole less than 20 mm in diameter)



Tapered metal footing


  • Anchor footing allowing occasional removal and requiring no civil engineering work if the bollard needs changing
  • An anchoring kit includes: an anchoring system 300 mm long, a clamping plate, a polymer joint, bolting
  • Available for all bollard diameters
  • Optional lacquering of the clamping plate



  • Fit the anchor by using a pneumatic drill or embed it
  • Slide the seal ring between the clamping plate and the base of the bollard
  • Insert the bollard and lock it in place with the clamping plate


For your information, footings are also available in diameter 60 mm, dimensions 80×40 mm and 80×80 mm for posts bearing signs, police signs in particular.