Label-lepoteletThe entire range of LE POTELET shape memory bollards has the ORIGINE FRANCE GARANTIE label.

Pro France and the “Origine France Garantie” label

  • The Pro France association issues the Origine France Garantie label, the only label currently guaranteeing that products are of French origin.
    Its principle is simple:

    > At least 50% of the unit cost price of the product is acquired in France
    > France is the place where the product acquires its essential characteristics
  • A transparent process: after studying the application for certification and auditing the production sites, an independent approved certification organization (Afnor Certification for LE POTELET quality certification) approves the award of the quality label. The certification needs to be renewed each year after an audit.

Le Potelet and Origine France Garantie

The quality certification audit has revealed that for its entire range of shape memory bollards LE POTELET manufactures 98% of its products in France.